Inter-League Fixtures/Results

Wed 21-Mar Young Un’s 4 Metal Mickey’s 12
Thu 22-Mar Easy Six 6 Muckspreaders 10
Thu 22-Mar Hillmen 12 Only here for the beer 4
Mon 26-Mar Arfur Pint 3 Easy Six 13
Mon 26-Mar Young Un’s 7 Only here for the beer 9
Mon 26-Mar Avebury Recruits 14 Half a Dozen 2
Tue 27-Mar Rank Outsiders 2 Hit & Hope 14
Tue 27-Mar Big Wheelers 10 Spare Parts 6
Wed 28-Mar Muckspreaders 14 Drifters 2
Wed 28-Mar Waiters 13 Sand Specials 3
Thu 29-Mar Old Wrecks 6 Wayfairers 10
Thu 29-Mar Mixtures P Hillmen P
Thu 29-Mar Metal Mickey’s 6 Wildcats 10
Mon 02-Apr Spare Alley R
Mon 02-Apr Spare Alley L
Tue 03-Apr Half a Dozen 13 Rank Outsiders 3
Tue 03-Apr Spare Parts P Metal Mickey’s P
Tue 03-Apr Sand Specials 10 Big Wheelers 6
Wed 04-Apr Drifters 9 Arfur Pint 7
Wed 04-Apr Hillmen 10 Waiters 6
Thu 05-Apr Hit & Hope 12 Wayfairers 4
Thu 05-Apr Old Wrecks 4 Muckspreaders 12
Thu 05-Apr Mixtures 2 Only here for the beer 14
Mon 09-Apr Muckspreaders V’s Rank Outsiders L
Mon 09-Apr Big Wheelers V’s Hillmen R
Mon 09-Apr Young Un’s V’s Spare Parts F
Tue 10-Apr Calne & District (Drifters) L
Tue 10-Apr Metal Mickey’s V’s Sand Specials R
Wed 11-Apr Arfur Pint V’s Avebury Recruits L
Wed 11-Apr Waiters V’s Mixtures R
Thu 12-Apr Easy Six V’s Wayfairers L
Thu 12-Apr Old Wrecks V’s Hit & Hope F
Thu 12-Apr Wildcats V’s Only here for the beer R
Mon 16-Apr Arfur Pint V’s Hit & Hope R
Mon 16-Apr Young Un’s V’s Hillmen L
Tue 17-Apr Drifters V’s Wayfairers R
Tue 17-Apr Wildcats V’s Big Wheelers L
Tue 17-Apr Avebury Recruits V’s Rank Outsiders F
Wed 18-Apr Muckspreaders V’s Half a Dozen R
Wed 18-Apr Big Wheelers V’s Waiters L
Thu 19-Apr Old Wrecks V’s Easy Six R
Thu 19-Apr Spare Parts V’s Only here for the beer L
Thu 19-Apr Metal Mickey’s V’s Mixtures F
Mon 23-Apr Half a Dozen V’s Old Wrecks L
Mon 23-Apr Sand Specials V’s Young Un’s R
Tue 24-Apr Avebury Recruits V’s Wayfairers L
Tue 24-Apr Rank Outsiders V’s Arfur Pint F
Tue 24-Apr Hillmen V’s Metal Mickey’s R
Wed 25-Apr Easy Six V’s Drifters L
Wed 25-Apr Waiters V’s Only here for the beer R
Thu 26-Apr Hit & Hope V’s Muckspreaders L
Thu 26-Apr Spare Parts V’s Wildcats R
Thu 26-Apr Mixtures V’s Big Wheelers F
Mon 30-Apr Arfur Pint V’s Wayfairers R
Mon 30-Apr Big Wheelers V’s Only here for the beer L
Tue 01-May Rank Outsiders V’s Old Wrecks R
Tue 01-May Sand Specials V’s Spare Parts L
Wed 02-May Avebury Recruits V’s Muckspreaders R
Wed 02-May Waiters V’s Metal Mickey’s L
Thu 03-May Hit & Hope V’s Drifters R
Thu 03-May Half a Dozen V’s Easy Six F
Thu 03-May Hillmen V’s Wildcats L
Mon 07-May Old Wrecks V’s Avebury Recruits L
Mon 07-May Metal Mickey’s V’s Big Wheelers R
Tue 08-May Half a Dozen V’s Wayfairers L
Tue 08-May Drifters V’s Rank Outsiders F
Tue 08-May Spare Parts V’s Hillmen R
Wed 09-May Muckspreaders V’s Arfur Pint L
Wed 09-May Young Un’s V’s Waiters R
Thu 10-May Easy Six V’s Hit & Hope L
Thu 10-May Wildcats V’s Mixtures R
Thu 10-May Sand Specials V’s Only here for the beer F
Mon 14-May Rank Outsiders V’s Easy Six R
Mon 14-May Big Wheelers V’s Young Un’s L
Tue 15-May Hit & Hope V’s Half a Dozen R
Tue 15-May Arfur Pint V’s Old Wrecks F
Tue 15-May Metal Mickey’s V’s Only here for the beer L
Wed 16-May Avebury Recruits V’s Drifters R
Wed 16-May Waiters V’s Wildcats L
Thu 17-May Muckspreaders V’s Wayfairers R
Thu 17-May Mixtures V’s Spare Parts L
Thu 17-May Hillmen V’s Sand Specials F
Mon 21-May Hit & Hope V’s Avebury Recruits L
Mon 21-May Wildcats V’s Young Un’s R
Tue 22-May Half a Dozen V’s Arfur Pint L
Tue 22-May Rank Outsiders V’s Wayfairers F
Tue 22-May Sand Specials V’s Mixtures R
Wed 23-May Drifters V’s Old Wrecks L
Wed 23-May Spare Parts V’s Waiters R
Thu 24-May 3-a-Side Qualifying L
Thu 24-May 3-a-Side Qualifying R
Thu 24-May 3-a-Side Qualifying F
Mon 28-May Easy Six V’s Avebury Recruits R
Mon 28-May Mixtures V’s Young Un’s L
Tue 29-May Drifters V’s Half a Dozen R
Tue 29-May Wildcats V’s Sand Specials L
Wed 30-May 6-a-Side K/O Cup Semi-Final R
Wed 30-May 6-a-Side K/O Cup Semi-Final L
Thu 31-May 3-a-Side Finals R
Thu 31-May 3-a-Side Finals L
Other Competition Dates
Tues 05-Jun Pairs Qualifying L
Wed 06-Jun 6-a-Side K/O Cup Final L
Tues 12-Jun Singles Qualifying L
Thu 14-Jun Pairs Final L
Thu 21-Jun Singles Final L